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Boise Film Crew Safe-and-Sound After Serious Boat-Trouble

Your Boise local moving company and its staff is relieved after a boat carrying a team of local scientists nearly sank en route to Hawaii. Tom Hadzor, co-owner of Wide Eye Productions recalls early signs of danger when the boat’s stern was floating abnormally close to the ocean’s surface. The boat, named Kilo Moana, had somehow sustained a baseball-sized hole which caused water to move quickly inside the vessel at a mind-blowing rate of four-hundred gallons per hour! Without the fast-acting help from nearby Coast Guard officials, your mover in Boise might not have had good news to deliver regarding the nearly-sunken scientists and film crew. Fortunately, members of the Coast Guard were able to provide special pumps to move water out of the boat allowing all passengers to arrive safely in Honolulu. Stories like this make your relocation experts in Boise very thankful that we don’t travel primarily by boat!

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