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Fuel Up For Your DIY Boise Move

Do-it-yourself moving is something that many consider when in need of Boise relocation services. It can be an excellent idea for those who are able-bodied enough to handle the work-load, and convenient for people who are on a tight budget. Professional Boise movers are a great source for information and advice on moving, and can also provide needed services such as transportation of your grand piano or hot tub; any items that are either too heavy or too expensive to risk moving on your own.

Regardless of how much moving you will do on your own, it is important to fuel your body efficiently so that you can handle the labor of your move without collapsing mid-job! Eating an energy-rich meal before a DIY move is almost like fueling up your car before going on a long drive; you do both because “running out of gas” is a miserable experience be it on the road or on the job. Your pre-move meal is the most important meal you’ll eat on your moving day. Three to five hours BEFORE you begin exerting yourself, prepare and consume a low-fat carb-rich energy meal. Your move will likely be a multiple-hour task so take advantage of the energy sustaining quality of foods such as brown rice or whole wheat pasta. Chicken is a good addition to any pre-move feast. You may want to eat a very light snack an hour or so before you get started, and don’t forget the importance of staying hydrated!

Continue to stay hydrated throughout your whole move. Depending on how long your move lasts, and depending on how much your move really requires out of you physically, you may want to replenish your body’s electrolytes with a refreshing sports drink at some point during or after your move.

Remember to always plan ahead for a DIY move day; you don’t move everyday and scrambling on the day of to: rent a moving truck; purchase moving boxes; rent or purchase dollies and other lifting equipment, is the last thing you want to go through. Your local Boise movers are very reputable, and are an excellent source for information or any physical assistance you may require on top of what you’ll be doing on your own.

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