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Owyhee Set to Unveil New Look

Next week the old Owyhee Hotel, built in 1910, will reopen with a new look after more than a year of renovations. The building is no longer hotel, but is now a place to live, work, eat, and meet.

Part-owner and developer of the Owyhee, and Co-President of LocalConstruct, Mike Brown, was the brains behind the majority of the renovations. The groups goal was to both bring the building into the modern era, while still capturing the feel and look that the building had when it first opened over 100 years ago.

They found an old fireplace hidden in the walls, kept the original tile, and remodeled the store fronts based off historic photographs. They also added completely modern technology to the building. From fiber optics and the latest in Audio/Visual technology, to a completely new AC system, the Owyhee is both a modern masterpiece and a portrait of the past.

The building is now home to many new apartments, which will help bring life to the downtown Boise area. The hotel was no longer successful, so the developers hope that the new feel and look of the Owyhee will begin to urbanize downtown.

As people begin to move downtown, and the city continues to urbanize, no one is better equipped to get people moving that All My Sons. If you are looking to live in a new downtown space, let your local movers get you there.

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