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Should I get rid of this or that?

Downsizing for a move in Boise can sometimes become overwhelming.  Quite honestly if you been in a home over three to five years there is normally a lot of accumulation.  I remember being in an apartment for a year and a half and was shocked at the amount of things I had acquired.

As a rule of thumb, if you haven’t used a particular item in the last year or so, it’s most likely not worth keeping.  Of course I’m not referring to important documents or keepsakes, but rather clothes and other furnishings.  Begin by identifying the items you haven’t used and then decide if you would like to donate them to charity or include in your moving sale.  Some items may even be worth consigning.

Secondly take a look at things in your home that may have been purchased recently but won’t work in your new home.  Some of these pieces may be perfect to consign or use in your garage sale.  Downsizing will help you save money in the end.  Take inventory of your items and save with your Boise mover.

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