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Urban renewal brings many changes, some better than others. A portion of 8th street’s restructuring was the most recent adjustment made by Capitol City Development Corporation, the agency in charge of urban renewal. What they’ve done is turn the section of street into a “sharrow,” a lane designed to be used by drivers as well […]

Despite many residents vocalizing their displeasure with the idea, the Boise Planning and Zoning Commission approved plans for new apartments in Northwest Boise. In May the commission denied the initial plans for the apartments due to the initial size of the apartments. The first plans had the apartments being four-stories tall, which worried neighbors as […]

Next week the old Owyhee Hotel, built in 1910, will reopen with a new look after more than a year of renovations. The building is no longer hotel, but is now a place to live, work, eat, and meet. Part-owner and developer of the Owyhee, and Co-President of LocalConstruct, Mike Brown, was the brains behind […]

I simply love receiving superb service when shopping, traveling, eating at a fine restaurant or just hanging out at the house and allowing the kids to serve me and my spouse. This level of care or better can be achieved when relocating across town or across country.  Moving in Boise is already a chore that is […]

What has you moving this summer?  Is it because of a corporate relocation, wanting to be closer to family, or pursuit of a better quality of life?  We all know that moving can be a difficult process, especially when saying goodbye to friends, co-workers, neighbors or maybe even family.  Choosing the right Boise movers can also be overwhelming.  […]

The task of hiring movers can be a bit overwhelming.  However, if you don’t secure a moving quote you won’t know the level of service each Boise mover can provide.  The moving quote details service and an estimated price for moving service.  The moving quote is generally free and void of obligation to the potential […]

Man have you noticed the record amount of snow across the country this winter? I was thinking about the end of the month and got nervous.  You know many leases end on the 28th of this month.  With all of the down time we’ve seen in some states, movers are sure to be backed up. […]